Horizonte Mineiro Serviços Geológicos LTDA was established in Belo Horizonte/Brazil at the end of 2013 targeting consultancy services for companies in the exploration mining sector providing support on geological studies including drilling execution, outsourcing of drilling services or consultancy regarding drilling business, rental of drilling rigs, rental of accessories and equipment for the drilling sector.

Horizonte Mineiro owns drilling rigs produced by BoartLongyear, global leader in the sector with more than 120 years of experience in producing rigs and also other type of rigs.

Horizonte Mineiro relies on trained and competent personnel from several different nationalities with years of exposure to the drilling business in order to provide high performance levels, good safety records and quality to our clients.

The rigs available could be used not just in the mining exploration business but also in geotechnical applications and environmental essays.

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